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As you know, Covid has affected many small businesses and has had an ongoing effect on the hospitality industry; even as the worst of the pandemic is behind us we are still facing country wide staff shortages and overwhelming numbers of restaurants and pubs who are unable to continue trading.
We opened the pub the year before covid, and fought tirelessly to continue to trade throughout the pandemic; offering grocery basics, takeaways and prepared meals to locals. We utilised the lockdowns to further improve the pub; refreshing the interiors, redecorating and creating a large outdoor space and bar to host live music and special events. We created additional seating and worked to enhance the atmosphere for our guests.
Unfortunately, a very small number of people had issues with these changes and created ongoing issues for us; we were forced to defend ourselves against constant complaints, which has now become an ongoing battle and is affecting our mental health.
We continue to struggle with lack of staff, mainly chefs, and as a result have been forced to close the kitchen last minute, which is frustrating and upsetting ,and when we are open, we simply are not busy enough and are financially struggling.
We have put everything into this pub and created something special,which is why it is so devastating for us to announce that we will be closing for good in January. This has been the most difficult decision we have ever made, and it is something we have been struggling with for awhile; from a business point of view, we are making the best choice, but personally, it is extremely emotional and upsetting for us.
This is Archie’s pub ; he IS the Dapper Spaniel, and this has been our home and our entire life for the last 3 years ❤
We are so grateful for all of the incredible support we have received from all of you, especially within the last several months ; your support has kept us open until now and has helped us stay strong throughout the negativity.
We hope that you will continue to support us for the next 7 weeks, especially throughout “ Dapper December” and for our very last Christmas here.
Please help make the last 2 months here at the Dapper the best they can be , and help us say goodbye

Our Story

A few years ago, Chef Karl & events manager Kat took a leap of faith, leaving roles in their fields to pursue their dream of creating & running their own catering & events business.

Kat & Karl have over 25 years combined experience working within the field of hospitality. Kat is an experienced events and marketing professional, having worked at large companies organising their biggest events of the year. She now oversees all marketing aspects of Dapper Hospitality and it’s sub brands.

Karl is a formally trained chef with over a decade of experience working within restaurant & hotel settings, including Michelin Star & Rosette rated establishments across the East Midlands, Australia and New Zealand.

Premium Catering

From there, The Dapper Catering Company was established; offering premium private chef services, bespoke menus and a completely personalised dining experience for each client. Demand soon grew, bookings increased and the brand expanded; chef Karl and co now travel throughout the UK upon request and offer a variety of dining options including an authentic wood fired pizza oven food van.


Fusion Streetfood


The Streatery is a completely self sustained, fully equipped kitchen on wheels; with its ownpower supply and generators, which allows us to serve our tasty food anywhere imaginable,even in the middle of a field!

The van features an authentic wood fired pizza oven,with craft beer on draught and full barcapabilities upon request; not only is the pizza fantastic, it adds an element of theatre to watchour chefs turn a ball of dough into a fantastic pizza in only a few minutes!

From festivals to your back garden, we are able to travel anywhere, and are onhand to enhance your dining experience